Monday, October 15, 2007

KUERDAS: Know Them More!

KUERDAS, a group of musicians based in General Santos City, started out as one big barkada composed of musically inclined members. The group shared the same passion and shared the same dream-- that one day they could make it big in the music scene. They have learned to hone their crafts by joining school ensembles. Some of the members were exposed to reggae music during the Millennium Festival (2000) and Tambolan Festival (2003) in Boracay. It was during this time that they were influenced by reggae music. Bob Marley, Big Mountain, UB 40 and other reggae artists greatly motivated the group to put up a reggae band.

Originally, the group was made up of the Ugbaniel brothers, their cousin and some family friends. In Kalilangan Festival 2003, a song writing competition dubbed as Kadsangal was launched. All artists with original compositions were invited to join the contest in which PEACE was the theme. At this point, the group decided to name themselves KUERDAS (a Spanish term for guitar string). The guitar has 6 strings so they deemed it best to consider themselves one of those strings, that it wouldn't be possible for them to play if one of them is missing. Hence, the name Kuerdas.
During the time where acoustic invaded the music industry, Kuerdas was known to have played acoustic-reggae. They joined Acoustic competitions which required original compositions as official entries. Fortunately, they came up as the Champion and was able to front act for MYMP. They have also joined Battle of the Bands and won several titles. From then on, Kuerdas gained several bookings and gigs so they have decided to add up some members.
Now, the group is made up of 10 members namely:
1)JAY SON UGBANIEL- vocals/ rhythm
2)MARK JOHN UGBANIEL- main vocals
3)DEXTER MORIMONTE- percussions
4)ALLENA CRUZ- vocals
5)ROLAND ESLIT- percussions
7)AGUSTIN YU- Lead Guitar
8)RUEL CADIZ- Saxophone
10)GLEN LANDERO- Keyboards

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