Monday, January 21, 2008

My Prince: My Life and Inspiration

I began my trek to forever when I’ve found my one true love. I am a very blessed and lucky person for having such wonderful partner whom I consider to be my confidante, alter ego and so much more. Though distance separates us, our hearts will be eternally entwined.
It’s true that there really never is a dream person, only compatible partner. And when I decided to commit with my Prince, I knew deep in my heart, he is the one I was asking the Lord for a long time ago. He always brings out the best in me. I have learned to stretch my patience more than I ever could imagine. I am so loved and secured! More importantly, he has enhanced my faith and he always encourages me to rely on what our Lord Almighty can do and not to depend on our own capacities. Yeah, my Prince is a very God-fearing person. I know no one is perfect and My Prince is definitely not trying to be one. He is just an ordinary man who wants to be a true child of God. He is heaven-sent!

Our journey to forever will never be that easy I know. Many people have tried to dissuade me and have actually talked against long distance relationships. But it hasn’t changed my feelings one bit. They do not know what we have. I trust that a good spouse comes from the Father and if you ask him heartily, He will provide you with the right person. And I just know that my Prince is the one. My Prince and I have our tough times but we believe with conviction that if we keep on hanging on tight at each other's love, we won't fail because God will never fail us!

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