Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Dead Tired!

It has been a long day for me. I worked half day. Another boring day at work, nothing much to do. At 3pm, my youngest brother, Mark, and I went to the hardware to puchase some materials for the repair of our leaking roofs at the terrace and at the kitchen and also the putting up of additonal outlets and electrical wirings. GOSH! It was only in October 2005 when I had our house renovated and now the prices were too high! While we were still purchasing the materials, My Sayang sent me SMS telling me he was already at work and misses me, and asking me how was my day. He knew I will be at the hardware in the afternoon of Monday. I told him the materials will be delivered the next day at home. And hopefully, the carpenters can start working on our new roof very soon. I know how much he wanted us to have our new roof, just as much as he wanted us to have our new TV.
My brother and I had an early dinner at Popsies Diner after we finished purchasing the materials. Then we went home. My PC is supposed to be fixed at 6:30pm. But my friend, Rey, again, cancelled it. He has some important things to do. Oh, well, he promised me again, he will take time. I hope he can take time tomorrow as promised. My PC sucks for like almost a month now. I just need to stretch out my patience more, hehe...
After posting this, I am thinking of relaxing a little and just watch TV. Haven't done it in ages!
Till my next entry!

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