Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Question Tag

I got this tag from my everdearest friend Twerlyn. Thanks to her for being so patient with me. I would like to apologize again for the delay.
Question: In your opinion, what is the essence of being a woman? Why? (WOW! This question is so familiar to me. This was the common question asked to the 3 Finalists of the 1994 Ms. Universe Pageant held here in the Philippines. Ms. India won the Ms. Universe title. Just correct me everyone if I got it all wrong, hehe! )
My Answer: For me, being a woman is a gift and her real essence lies in having to treat all humankind with respect. Even when women are dominated by men, they still have the power to manipulate but not doing it because they have pure compassion, gentleness and mercy in their hearts. She is also a mother and she has the loving heart to nurture even if the kids are not her own. And last but not considered the least, she has the humility to accept that she is a simple nobody without the Living God in her life. All these at once make up the real essence of a woman.
And now I am tagging Ate Bing and Sexy Ivy. I am also tagging my friend who sent this to me. Twerlyn, it's your turn to answer back, hehe...
My Question: What event in your life were you think you felt self-fulfillment as a person?

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