Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tag Question: Why Do Gals Believe in Guys?

When I read Ate Bing's tag question for me, I recalled having to receive one SMS in the past. It goes something like a man asking God a few questions:
"A man asked God, why did you made women so beautiful?
God said: so that you can fall for them.
Then the man asked again: Why did you made women so stupid?
God said: So that they can love you!"
I guess this is one true example why women still believe men despite all the lies, hehe. In my end, I used to think before that no other guy will ever make me believe his words, not until I've known my Prince and my Sayang. I used to be so doubtful. But in time, My sayang was able to erase all my fears and my doubts. So i guess, the question lies on what kind of person the guy is. I consider myself lucky at the same time so blessed for having a 5-star boyfriend.
I hope i satisfied the tagger ;-)

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