Monday, January 28, 2008

...And Their Journey To Forever Begins (Part I)

I used to meet friends who were able to find the love of their lives over the internet. I am no exception, wink! But this entry is not all about me. It's about 2 guys, yeah, you heard it right, 2 GUYS, whom I personally know and were able to meet their girlfriends online.
It is common for us to hear stories of women falling inlove over the men they have met in the cyberworld. But this is a different saga. The two guys I am talking about are Rey and Alex. These 2 hunks are the most-sought-after bachelors in our church (wag nang komontra!). It took them a long time before they met the girls they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with.
Rey & Irene- Philippines V Thailand
Their friendship has evolved through exchanging messages at Friendster. I remember those few times that Rey was always asking me to go at a net cafe with him for me to give him some tutorials in using YM. He still haven't met Irene at the time. Later, i think he has managed to learn it on his own. We were both preoccupied with our own lives that I have lost track of what's happening around me, or maybe I am just too engrossed with my own, happy life that I forgot to ask how things were going for everyone. And oohh, i was really busy that time coz of the synchronized Barangay/SK elections. I was just too surprised to know in October of 2007 that Rey has arrived from a 3-day vacation in Manila. He travelled to meet in the flesh his girlfriend of 2 months. That girl is Irene.
I am so happy for Rey because finally, he has found his match. No, I mean, there were too many girls that were always seeking his attention but he has that certain focus and determination to work while getting a degree at the same time and eventually help his family. For a time, girls were out. Not until Irene came. And she came from the same faith, too! This is more than a blessing for both of them. I can always see Rey getting online and talking to his beloved and I can relate to the feeling how diffucult it must have been for both of them.
As of now, Irene is back in Thailand. And Rey is all fired up in making all his dreams come true. Someway, somehow, distance is never the end of the world for them. It is just the beginning...

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