Saturday, January 26, 2008

Second Best Filipino Blog of the Week

Landing the second top spot for Week 92 in the most coveted Filipino Blog of the Week is more than enough for me. Being a nominee for 2-long weeks, I sincerely appreciate the friends who regularly casted their votes everyday. Some even went as fas as campaigned for me like Twerlyn, Michelle and my cousin Sam Suco, just to name a few. I couldn't thank them enough for their overwhelming support. I certainly owe you one!
The first time I learned of the nomination for week 91, I was prompted to write THIS. I landed the third spot way back then. Week 92 came and ended with me bagging the second top position. For week 93, the Composed Gentlemen and his jurors nominated me once again for the third time. I would like to express that due to some reasons I can not disclose in public, I am BACKING OUT as a nominee for Week 93. Getting the second top spot position is more than enough for me. I garnered the second highest votes given the fact that not all Filipino households have internet connection. I think I am the lone nominee that is based here in the Philippines. And that is enough consolation for me. More than the award, I value so much the friendships that has evolved while the poll was going on. I've met a few friends and I feel very happy for always having them around.
There are other blogs that is more deserving to get noticed. Jessie, Jennie, Mhel, Juliana, and Joliber are the only few blogs that come to mind. I so believe in their writing prowess. They are more than worthy to be there in the list of the nominees and they deserve to get some recognition for their passion in blogging which is evident in their respective pages.
Once again, thank you for your votes of confidence and for taking time to take a peek in my page. I am always glad to have you around here!
Hapy blogging to us all!

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