Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Little Bro!

It was sometime last week when a message in my chat box caught my attention. It made me very happy knowing a sibling in faith is very active here in the blogosphere. And not only active but a very famous one at that, hehe! At first, I thought the name Joliber was a girl. I am guilty of not going over the site before messaging him. I stand corrected but I was rushing that time. I know it is one common mistake that bloggers commit and I plead guilty. I promised to myself I will take time to go over the site again. I never thought that such a very informative and interesting site is owned by a 22-year-old blog-geek!
I then became his frequent visitor. He made information about the blogger world so handy for me. And I appreciate tons and tons all the ideas and information he shared with me.
He informed me that he will be turning 23 on the first day of February and expressed that he wants to have a cake as birthday gift. I know how to bake a cake but boy! He is so far away from me! (sigh...). So I promised him I would still be sending him one in his email, hehe. I connived with Ate Bing because she is the only one I know who can do adobe magic, aside from Meggy of course ;-). Indeed, Ate Bing was able to make one. We came up with that idea without knowing that Joliber will be making it as one of the mechanics for his birthday contest.
And now that he will be turning 23 in a few days, I am helping him make one of his online wishes come true: to have 5, 000 unique visitors at Joliber's Make Money Online site. I don't want to deprive him of this happiness. Like a true brother, I do care for him and whatever it is that he is wishing for, I am wishing him all that and a whole lot more!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOLIBER! Hope you will like what me and Ate Bing has prepared for you:

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