Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meggy's Debut

My little sister Meggy celebrated her 18th birthday last January 18. My Prince and I knew this birthday of hers will be a litle different from her previous birthdays because aside from turning a real woman on that particular day, it's the first time that she is going to celebrate it away from home- being in Sydney, Australia alone and away from friends especially from her family. I completely understand what she must be feeling.
Prior to her big day, I already knew what are my boyfriend's plans for Meggy as well as the birthday present he prepared for her. He made me promise not to divulge it to Meggy, hehe. I promised Meggy I will feature her in my page. So I requested my Prince to take as many photos of them as possible. I am glad that my Prince took time and was there for her on her special day. I wasn't able to feature Meggy on the same day she had her birthday because I waited on her to do the detailed storytelling on what had actually transpired on her big day (I already knew about it the day after from My Prince). I was able to read Meggy's entry only today. You can read the entire story HERE on how she celebrated her big day together with her Kuya Scott. You can read her stories about her Kuya Scott HERE and HERE.

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