Friday, February 1, 2008

A Contest @ Idol Jessie's Page: A Must Read!

Today, upon reading some of Idol Jessie's entries, I was able to see his new post. I have always been his avid reader and eventually became a big fan of his! Such a brilliant mind and he has a very good command of the language. I am happy he came up with this contest. Not only will it pump up his popularity as an excellent writer, but more importantly, it will foster camaraderie among many bloggers.
Of course, any blogger would want to be featured at his site. I can guarantee that it will all be worth it!
He is running the following contests:
Contest Number 1 – Top Commentators of the Month
This contest is easy to evaluate since the frequency of your comments is automatically counted using a plugin. The objectives include to encourage readers to read and leave comments. The benefits: commentators will be assured of an increase in link popularity? Why? This blog is on “DoFollow”, meaning your links will surely be indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo!, among others. This, in turn, will add to your link popularity and the fact that Jessie's page is a PR4 blog, your future Page Rank will surely be affected. Call it link and PR sharing. How’s that for a start?
But wait, that’s not all. Hold your horses, folks. Remember Technorati? Whenever you leave a comment and that comment appears in my sidebar, Technorati will consider that as an added link to your account if you happen to chance Technorati’s update when you leave a comment. However, a maximum of two comments per post will only be considered for the day. So please, don’t leave more than 2 comments on just one post if you want your comment counts to increase.
And guess what? At the end of the month, the winners’ comment counts will be posted and I will link back to your site as an added benefit. Five (5) participants will be chosen as winners at the end of each month.
That’s not all. This is a continuing contest or should he say, bonus to you, dear readers. On December 25, 2008, the Top Commentator of the Year will receive, oh well, cash. How much? $10! That’s still something. If things get better, He might even increase this amount before Christmas day as a way of saying “Thank You” for leaving your comments. Only one winner will be chosen for the Top Commentator of the Year Award.
Contest Number 2 – Best Comments of the Month
The first contest is about numbers, quantity. For this one, he will give it a little twist. Let’s say, quality also counts. Hence, the same benefits can be derived from this (just like the first one). Also, the 5 Best Commentators will be featured in this site (with a link back to the winners, of course). Again, this is a continuing contest so he will be giving away $10 to one winner of the Best Commentator of the Year.
Contest Number 3 – Best Taggers of the Month
This is Jessie's way of responding to tags/memes (which he almost always fail to accomplish due to work load). As a way to respond to tags/memes, he’ll count your tags/memes to me for the month then feature your site and tags. Again, five (5) best taggers will be chosen and featured on this blog every month. For the winner of the Best Tagger of the Year, he/she will receive another $10 on Christmas Day and a full-featured review of his/her site. Isn’t that wonderful?
Wait, we’re not done yet. Copy this article and talk about it in your blog, link back to his site, (just one link) and you’ll immediately receive 20 points for each of the contest categories mentioned above. And he means, each of the contests. You’ll earn 20 points as head start entries for Top Commentators of the Month (and year), 20 points for the Best Comments of the Month (and Year) and another 20 points for Best Taggers of the Month (and Year).
Come on now, guys! Don't spoil the fun! ;-)

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