Friday, February 1, 2008

I Won!

It's Joliber's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my little Bro! As a flashback, he ran a contest for his birthday 7 days ago. It wasn't my intention to join, but since I have already done some of the mechanics he has stated for the contest, i thought it wouldn't hurt if i join and have some fun. I didn't took it seriously. I haven't even accomplished all The things that is required of me.
For blogging's sake, I would like to make a rundown of the things I made in joining the contest:
  • Wrote a post in my blog about the contest (60 points). You can view it HERE.
  • Subscribed for Joliber's RSS feeds (20 points)
  • Reviewed in my blog (110+ words, of course must link to (70 points). You can read it HERE.
  • Added Joliber in my Fabulous Bloggers' links as Joliber’s Make Money Online (40 points)
  • Made a cake (thanks Ate Bing!) just especially for Joliber as a sign of my greetings. (50 points)
  • Commented on his posts (15 points)
  • Now you do the adding of points, HAHA!

As promised, he declared his winners today. As i was reading the first few paragraphs of his new post, he was giving recognition to all those bloggers who took the effort for the contest. For awhile there, I thought he forgot about me. But as I continued reading down below, he was announcing the winners, and unexpectedly, I saw my name! I was really surprised! He offered the following package for the winner:

  1. Free one month 125 X 125 ads at worth $25.
  2. Astounding 1000 Entrecard Credits.
  3. Free Sponsored Review (with quality back links on my site, at least four).
Isn't this amazing? Well, a million thanks, Joliber! More than the prize, I am wishing you the best on your birthday! May you continue touching people's lives as you have touched mine. More than all, don't forget to return back all the glory to HIM!
P.S. I would like to share the prize with Ate Bing who took the effort in making the cake for our little bro. Thanks Te! ***ditto***

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