Thursday, February 28, 2008

Guest Blogger At The What Have You Site

When Kuya Jessie opened his site to guest bloggers a few days back, I thought of joining but I doubted my ability of coming up with an interesting post. Long before Kuya Jessie had encouraged bloggers to be a guest at his site, an unfinished article has long been kept in my draft. This pushed me to finish the write-up and leave everything to Kuya Jessie for editing. I never thought it would pass given his standard as an excellent writer.

I am fed up of all the things that I see and hear around me. It is rather sickening and disheartening to see in the news daily our country bruised and scarred by heartless fellow-Filipinos who only cared for no one but themselves. To be frank, I stopped watching TV lately because it's the same old story (except for basketball and some favorite teleseryes, hehe). I may sound like a disappointed crap but it's the truth. In my undergrad, the word "politics" is like a trash. I had enough of it for four, long years. I sometimes ask myself why I chose it as my major field. I can't seem to have enough, coz I took some units in the Graduate School, still dealing with politics, sigh! I was kind of idealistic when I was a lot younger. I wanted to be a catalyst for change. But I realized, it isn't that easy to achieve. I know I may rant and rant my entire life but this effort could be futile.
Anyway, if you are interested to see more of my rants, you can click HERE.

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