Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Whites Are Afraid of Commitment..."

Almost 2 months had gone by when I was chatting with a friend. This friend of mine has been my constant online ka-chicahan. He knows almost everything there is to know about my relationship with my Prince coz he keeps asking about our plans, etc. I am happy for my friend for he has finally found the love of his life and will soon to marry her and I respect both their plans even if they are together for only 2 months. Unexpectedly, while we were chatting, he was sharing all his inputs regarding my relationship with my Prince. But one thing that strucked me was when he commented about people's flaws and imperfections. Is it right to say that whites have different mentalities? That they are afraid to commit? These are very uncalled for statements. I don't understand why he sounded too racist. He hasn't even minded that my boyfriend is white. When I told my prince about the conversation that took place between me and my friend, he asked: "Who is he? Is he God? Does he know my heart???"
My friend disappointed me. If he was referring only at my boyfriend, well, he doesn't even know him to judge too quick. And I don't need to go into details just to prove to him otherwise. If he is really a true friend, why can't he just be happy for me just the same happiness that I feel for him when he found his gf? Why can't he give me the same respect just the same way I respected their plans? He asked sorry and said it's a bad joke. That joke isn't funny at all. The damage has been done. He just came uttering words without even thinking of the consequences.
I hope people won't be too judgmental and say things as if they are perfect. We all have our imperfections but we aren't in the position to judge. Before we see other people's blemishes, why don't we try to see and check ourselves first?
My Prince and I mutually pledge to love each other till eternity. Although we still have a long way to go, we have a very "healthy" commitment to go far beyond than what we are capable of doing for each other. My boyfriend and I don't have to prove to anyone anything because they don't know what we have together. It's for us to keep and we demand respect.

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