Friday, February 22, 2008

Twerlyn's Wedding

Last February 16, 2008, Andy and my friend Lerma a.k.a. Twerlyn tied the knot before the Lord. It's a milestone for both of them. It has been years since they have known each other and like any other relationships, they have been through tough times but they have surpassed it all. They hurdled years of separation and distance before finally committing to take their vows as husband and wife.
Their wedding was the day many of their families and friends have all been waiting for. Lerma sure looked radiantly beautiful and stunning in her gown and Andy was dashingly handsome in his tuxedo. It is common for brides to usually break into tears on their wedding day. But their wedding was a little different from any other weddings. It was the groom who broke into tears of happiness for having Lerma as his wife. It was a very poignant scene to witness. Andy was almost speechless! He was very thankful that his brother traveled all the way from Los Angeles, California just to be there with him in his most special day. He was very thankful that his bestman at the same time his bestfriend also took the trip. Apart from having the 2 most important persons in his life during his wedding, he was surprised by his two friends who came all the way from Japan.
Although not all of Andy's family was present to share with his happiness on that day, they made a VTR to extend their best wishes to the Pascoe couple. The most moving part which gained a big applause from the couple's guests was when Andy's mom spoke in Tagalog expressing her best wishes and congratulations to the newlyweds: "Lerma, tinatanggap ka namin sa aming pamilya"!
Marriage is not the end of any relationships. It is just the beginning of the many things that they need to explore as husband and wife. I know Andy and Lerma both have what it takes to make this marriage work and last a life time.
Cheers and more children to come! ;-)

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