Monday, February 18, 2008

The First Most Sociable Blogger Awardee

Finally, after a week of asking support from blogger friends, the author of the What Have You Blog, Kuya Jessie, declared me the first ever awardee for the Most Sociable Blogger. I feel proud for coming out victorious in my Idol's site. Though I love to bloghop and make friends, there was only little time to do it, I can not even keep up with all the messages dropped in my tagboard and some of the tags and awards passed on to me. I am not a full-time blogger but I always do my best to make my connections with other bloggers active by reading their posts, leaving comments and always hitting them back whenever I can. I am glad that I have gained a number of sincere friends from the blogosphere. There were nights when I wasn't able to come online and haven't even voted for myself coz of my friend Twerlyn's wedding. But I always get surprised when the number of votes I got kept increasing each day. I truly and sincerely appreciate my friends who even went as far as campaigned for me.
A million thanks to all of you who casted your votes of confidence, for your unfailing and unwavering support. I would like to share this award with you all because if not for you, it wouldn't have been possible for me to win. I came out triumphant because you believed that the connection and dealings that I have established with you is sincere. We are together in this award! If you are one of those who supported me openly or in silence, please leave me a note so that I can give credit to where it is due.
My very special thanks to
Joliber and Ate Bing for a very moving and well-written review of my site and the award I just got. Click HERE and HERE for more. I want you both to know that I appreciated the efforts you've made on these posts. I can't thank you enough for being so nice to me and more. I am so blessed for having found real friends in the blogosphere.
Philippine Experience - 1S
Sweetiepie - 5
Cyberfizzle - 0
Scotty's Princess - 123
Twinkletoe - 47
Juliana - 29
I owe big time the following persons, who in one way or another, have manifested their support by either casting their votes, campaigning for me or both.
Bloggers: Ate Bing, Elaine, Francine, Fyrnz, Honey, JK, Jaja, Jennie, Joliber, Lizzz, Lorie, Lynn, Mhel, Michelle, Migen Krisette, RJ, Sheng, Thira, & Twerlyn.
: My cousins Kuya Sam (Luzon) & Boying (Davao), Sisters in Christ Meggy from Sydney, Australia, Irene from Thailand, Ate Leah from Dubai, Awing sisters (Iligan), Elgie (Cavite), Alex & Blezzy, Kuerdas member Pem Pem, workmates Ate V, Ate Ness, Ling & Aem, friend Iting from Canada, my long-time friend Elvie & her boardmates (Davao), Ate Anabelle of NDDU & my guapo prince from Sydney.
To my co-nominees, thank you for being a good sport. Lastly, to Kuya Jessie for coming up with this contest.
If your name haven't been mentioned above, but was able to cast your vote for me, please leave me a note so that I can duly acknowledge you.
Thank You!

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