Sunday, February 17, 2008

Grand Eyeball @ Twerlyn's Wedding

I have known Ate Bing (BREGIE) for more than a year online. She was introduced to me by my guapo Prince. She has been my constant online friend since then. After I became an active blogger last year, I encouraged her to have an account as well. That's when she bacame a friend of my friend, Twerlyn.

A few weeks before Twerlyn's wedding, she asked Ate Bing if we already have met in person, then Ate Bing told her that we still have not. Then Twerlyn suggested that we might as well ( the 3 of us) have an eyeball on her wedding day. After I heard of that, I got really excited. My Prince was very excited, too. In the first place, I was able to know Ate Bing through him, hehe.

Before the Grand Eyeball took place at Twerlyn's wedding, I feared that Ate Bing might not be used to the kind of life that we are used to (she will be staying in our house). We are not well-off; we are not endowed with much and we live a very simple life. But I was wrong. Ate Bing is a very nice lady with very good breeding. She is an epitome of what a true Filipina should be. After meeting her at the bus terminal, I already felt some kind of connection. I appreciated her effort of travelling 3 hours just to be at my friend's wedding. No doubt, she is a true Christian as well. I am hopeful that we could meet again another time. It is my first time to have met a friend online and the feeling is just great!

Look for me and Ate Bing, hehe!

MSU-High School Batch 1996 with my groovy mama & Ate Bing

Wacky pose with Mr. & Mrs. Pascoe

I looked like a dwarf beside Ate Bing, LoL!

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