Monday, March 10, 2008

10 Random Things People Don’t Know About Me

I got tagged by a newly-found, sweet friend, Krisha. She's like a dear sister to me. When I saw this tag from her page, I was glad to know more about herself, the things that we haven't got the chance to talk about everytime we have our little chit-chats. This time, I will have to try to disclose a part of myself to all of you bloggers.
Here it goes:
  1. All my life, I have always lived with and protected by my family. I have never tried to live far away from them. You can just imagine how homesick I'll get if ever I marry and be miles and miles apart from them. My boyfriend used to worry I will be such a crying baby without my family by my side. He is too smart to know all that! Hahaha! I think it's but normal to miss my family and cry a lot. But with the thought of having my Prince and Mummy Carol, I know I will do just fine coz If I do marry, my place would only be with my husband.
  2. I dreamt of becoming a lawyer when I was younger. I wasn't able to pursue my dream because I need to find work right after I graduated to be able to help my family. I wasn't obliged to help them out but I feel as though I need to return the favor for all the things that they have done for me to be able to finish school. Right now, the dream is still there but before pursuing it I need to finish my Masters first coz just a few more units left. I don't want to do all things at the same time and leave it all unfinished.
  3. Just like Krisha, I am a frustrated cook. I enrolled in basic cooking and baking classes last year. I wouldn't want to starve my husband in the future, LOL!
  4. My alarm is always set for 3:45 AM every Sunday. I need to be up and about that early to prepare myself for church.
  5. I never smoke, drink or ever did drugs. You see, I am too much of a good girl, hehehe! But like you, I also have my own share of flaws, but that's up for you to discover, hahaha!
  6. I am myopic. I am colorblind too! I can not appreciate the world and the beautiful things around me without my contact lenses or my eyeglasses (8.50 on both eyes). Been wearing contacts for 10 years now. I haven't been using glasses too often coz I find it rather heavy not to mention that it gives dark and big circles around my eyes. Tomorrow, through my boyfriend's constant urging, I will have my eye consultation because my vision is at its worst. I need to make the font size of this write up or instant messages (IM) at Yahoo Messenger (YM) a little bigger for me to be able to read.
  7. I am a Komiks addict back in grade school! Yeah, you heard me right! Kamandag, Pinoy Klasiks, Aliwan, name it, I've read the famous ones even before they were aired over giant networks ABS-CBN Kapamilya and GMA-7 Kapuso, hahaha! When I reached high school, I was a pocketbook addict naman, hehehe! Danielle Steele, Sydney Sheldon, Barbara Cartland, etc. Basta may story ;-). But guess what? I haven't got hold of a good book in ages, sigh!
  8. My life revolves around my family, my Prince, work, some real good friends, church, and yeah, Blogging!
    From here, I could not think of more important things about me that people still need to know. So I decided to ask my long-time friend Elvie, here's what she said:
  9. Elvie reminded me that I was on the verge of losing my sweet life when I had near- drowning in 1995. I was at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 3 days with oxygen and other life-support apparatus attached in my body. This is the most unforgettable part in my life wherein God manifested His love and gave me one more chance to live.
  10. People tend to find me a little strict at first but when they do get the chance to know me a little better, they will get to know that I can be a good friend with all sincerity. I am faithful to bonds & attachments to human beings. I hate people who claim to be "my friends" but stab me in the back thereafter. I am a person who speaks the truth, I couldn't care less If I could possibly hurt a lot of people. I hate gossipmongers and parasites. I love the people who loves me!
    Now I would like to know more about you:

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