Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back-to-Back Wins for Barangay Ginebra Kings!

Whew! I am so happy! I am tired of seeing the Gin Kings lose. Seeing them win for two straight games make my heart overflowing with joy! I almost missed seeing their game tonight. I don't want to get disappointed again. But my Prince encouraged and urged me to watch. Good thing he did! Hehe!
With Mark Caguiao's 39 points, the team was able to get past through Air 21 on Saturday during the out-of-town game at Zamboanga City. With over 9, 000 crowd in attendance, this is the first time the Kings won consecutive games as the Smart PBA All Filipino Cup continues. Mark Caguioa was scorching hot and played like an import. It was a down the wire finish. Cagiuoa only had 16 points when both teams met in the first round with Air 21 going home victorious. But this time around, a possessed Caguioa wouldn't let his team down as well as the Ginebra fans in Zamboanga. The team is a game behind with Welcoat with 3 wins and 7 losses.
Caguiao is the top local scorer for this conference with an average of 24.1 points per game. But the team couldn't just rely on him all the time. The rest of the team should come out big and play big time as well. If Tubid, Valenzuela, Menk and Helterbrand will come out to help Caguioa and Alexander, a championship is not too impossible.

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