Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bunso!

I didn't report for work today. I declared myself a cook for my younger brother's birthday. We didn't have much. But the time and effort I took in preparing all the food laid down on our table was enough proof just how special my younger brother is to me.
He is the youngest in our family. I have realized just how time flies so fast. It was only yesterday when I was singing him to sleep while at the same time swinging the hammock. It was only yesterday when I helped my mother prepare his milk on a bottle. It was only yesterday when I go with him at the day care center and fetch him after class. I sometimes escape from my classest, too just to have a check on him. One thing big I realized today, too. As my younger brother adds up more years, I am getting old as well, hahaha!
My brother is the only person I know who owns too
many names. Mark John. Mark. Yayan. Utog. Iro. Pretty Boy. All these names are used by family and friends to refer to him. I know just how much he loves his craft. Music is in his blood. We just can't deprive him of doing the thing that he does with so much passion. My mother and I are all very supportive of him from the very start.
On his birthday today, I am wishing him a good, fruitful and productive life. I wish God will grant him the real wisdom on what he really wants out of life. And whatever it is that he is wishing for, I am wishing him all that and a whole lot more!
Keep KUERDAS going bro! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YAN! Love yah! Mwaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

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