Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm In Pain!

I feel guilty for having not posted anything for four days now. I feel like my blog is dying. I haven't even visited enough blogs to make my presence felt. I am absent again from work today for the reason that I have a sore back and stiff neck. I couldn't even move my head. I am grimacing in so much pain! I move like a robot. I have to move my head together with my body for it not to cause me so much pain.
Last Wednesday, I attended a former co-worker's wedding. I wore a tube top and my back was a little exposed. My mother was telling me it might have caused the pain I am feeling now. I had it massaged yesterday but the pain just refuses to go away. It makes blogging and bloghopping chores real painful!
I hope everything will be OK soon especially tomorrow because I have an appointment with my dentist. It's another pain in the ass having to sit down at a dental chair for hours and have your mouth open wide. I don't think I can stand it! If I still can feel this terrible pain tomorrow, I will just have to cancel my dentist appointment.
Haaaaay! Buhay!

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