Monday, June 23, 2008

Typhoon Frank Aftermath

The devastating typhoon Frank with international name Fengshen which wreck havoc over the Philippine shore last weekend have destroyed PhP 500 million worth of infrastructures in Iloilo Province alone, leaving 66 persons dead and more than 65 persons missing. According to the National Disaster Coordinating Council- Office of Civil Defense death, toll have reached to as high as 98 and PhP 710 million worth in damages. (Photo on the left is courtesy of GMA 7 News).
The sunken ship, MV Princess of the Stars, has been the major casualty by far with more than 800 passengers and crew still remain missing. Rescue operations is still on going to salvage the lives of the passengers. The ill-fated ship is owned by Sulpicio Lines. The company has made and posted the passenger manifesto and the list of survivors.
This is the worst sea mishap in Philippine maritime history. Various agencies were now pointing fingers at each other on who's to be blamed for the tragedy. Sulpicio Lines observed discretion in pushing through their sea voyage Saturday even when there was a storm signal no. 1. Investigations are currently done and an auditing of Sulpicio vessels' seaworthiness is being ordered.

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