Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bored but Never Lonely

bored, but not lonely

My day's supposed to be full. I had it all planned. I was supposed to accomplish some stuffs at home, a birthday party to attend at lunchtime and meet some friends, pay my internet bill, bank transaction (as if naman may pera, haha), visit my aunt who's confined at the hospital. All these were in my what-to-do list for today. But everything didn't went as planned. I do not like getting wet. The rain has ruined my plans for the day. I was stuck at home until 2pm. It was a little boring with the outage of power almost the entire day. But I wasn't lonely. I had learned so many things today. Click HERE for more.
Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects that the surging storm has brought me today, I was able to reflect on it on the positive light. Today is another blessing not only for me but to all farmers and other people who are hugely relying on tilling the lands for livelihood. After a long drought last summer, their plants get watered for free. People who are complaining of high water bill could also make an advantage out of the pouring rain. They could stock it up in a big container or drum and it will readily be available for watering the plants, cleaning the house and others. We used to do this when we were living in a neighboring small town when I was still in grade school because water supply in that area was scarce.
Though not many people are enjoying the rain, I still would like to consider it a blessing from up above. Everyday is always a blessing and rain or shine, we should always have a grateful heart.

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