Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm $10 Richer!

A very good blogger friend of mine celebrated his birthday yesterday. According to him, he turned only 24 years young (???). I call him "Kuya" as a sign of my respect for him because he is a lot older than me. But my age is not below 24 years so it's up for you to decide whether or not he's telling the truth about his real age, hahahaha!
As a flashback, I came to discover his blog when he commented in some of my posts last year and the rest was history. He became a really close blogger friend of mine and one of the very few bloggers I look up to here in the blogosphere. I used to refer to him as "Jessie The Nurse" thinking he was a nurse, but I was wrong. He is a researcher, teacher, programmer, blogger, businessman and a whole lot more! LOL!
As part of his birthday celebration, he gave out prizes to his select Angels for sending out warm greetings on his natal day. I am one of those early birds who remembered him. Lucky Me! He gave away 100 Entrecard credits and $ 10 in my Paypal account just now! Since I am the poorest among all bloggers who greeted him, he deemed it best to give the prize money to me, hehehehe! You're so generous, Kuya! I appreciate it very much.
Sana birthday mo araw-araw, hahahaha! I have a way with remembering dates and special occasions, so be warned of that, wink!
Have I mentioned his name yet? Well, try to visit
Kuya Jessie's What Have You blog now and greet him a belated Happy Birthday. He can be unpredictably generous. Who knows? You might be the next recipient of $10K (hehe).

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