Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today is Father's Day!

To complement the celebration of Mother's day every second Sunday of May, Father's Day is being celebrated every third Sunday of June in most countries including the Philippines. Today, we are giving tribute to our own fathers recognizing them for being the real foundation of every households (this statement is relative though). Of course, it wouldn't have been possible for us to see the light of day without their precious semen, hehe! That is just putting a little humor into it.
If my father is here today, I wouldn't be here blogging. We will be going out, the entire family, eat out and watch movie. That is how we usually celebrate Father's Day. He isn't the perfect dad in the world. He has his own misfits, flaws and imperfections. Though my parents were pretty young when they got married and were completely unprepared with the responsibilities that came along with marriage, I admire them hugely for taking on the challenge. They were able to battle life's challenges together. Despite life's adversities, my father was able to provide for his entire family. For that, I'm all hats off!
I remember my mother telling me that her entire family (parents, brothers and sisters) were all against their marriage. Her elder sister even persuaded her to go to a far-flung place, support her pregnancy and her schooling as long as she doesn't marry my father. But my mother wasn't persuaded. She was thinking of me in her womb. I would be without a father. If she is to give birth, she wanted me to have a complete family. She fought for their love and married at 18, gave birth at 19. My mother did the right thing! I will always be grateful to our God for He blessed me with a complete family. He gave me the sweetest father I know, a good provider, always there protecting me and my entire family. He even sent my mother to school and all of us, his children.
I came across one adage by Anne Sexton which reminded me strongly of my father and I quote: "It doesn't matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was." Only one thing is clear to me: my father not only gave me life, he nourished my life with complete love, care and protection which made me the person that I am now. Even if he's not here with us now, his great deeds will always be remembered forever. And as I have promised in his grave, I will always try to be a better person everyday, as what he always wanted me to be.
To all of you who still got your fathers with you, savor the moment. Say "I Love You" every chance you get, not only on Father's Day, but everyday of your lives. myspace graphic comments

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