Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whatta Day!

feeling sick

I wasn't feeling too well today. I slept in a little late last night. I was chatting with Twerlyn until 12 midnight. It's been a long while since we did that, di ba Lermz? Hehe! I woke up with a terrible headache, GOSH! Adding up to my misery is the monthly ordeal that women have to face. Arrrghhh! I feel sore all over! I feel like throwing up and everything! I wouldn't be able to satisfy my Entrecard-dropping addiction tonight. It has been a veryyyyyyyy long day for me. I did some oops and I was able to guide just a little bit a newbie blogger, Vladimir, in setting up his own site. I wanted to do soooo much more but time is not on my side. I am dead tired and sleepy and my pillows are calling me. They missed me huh! Hahaha! I will be going to bed earlier than usual.
Thanks to all visitors today! Sorry to those I wasn't able to visit tonight. I will make it up to you tomorrow. GOOD NIGHT everyone!

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