Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Entrecard + SezWho= Blog Success

Entrecard never ceases to find means in helping out bloggers to achieve blog success. Just as I have posted my entry on the Power of Blog Commenting and Some Comment Etiquettes, Entrecard announced its partnership with Sezwho, making it possible for us bloggers to comment and drive more traffic to our blogs. I strongly believe that this partnership will bring our blogs to greater heights.
One of the few things that we bloggers often overlook is the importance of posting relevant comments on our co-bloggers posts. Commenting on blogs is one important key for a particular blog's success. The main reason why I removed my tagboard a few months back is to encourage visitors of this blog to participate in any trivial discussions. I can say I have achieved that aspect, primarily because they can't make their presence felt if they don't post a comment. Meaning, they simply have no choice, hahaha! But kidding aside, my real blogger friends who's been frequenting this blog never fails to post a comment. Simple "Hi's", "Hello's, "You've been tagged" messages in my comment section are very well appreciated.
But as we are encouraging commenters for our blogs, I think it is our responsibility as a blogger to post quality entries that might stir and attract co-blogger's interest thus they will be more encouraged to participate and hit the comment button. Some entries here in my blog might be of little importance to you, but it will be very nice to hear out your opinion on certain issues. That way, not only blog success is taking place but mutual learning as well.

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