Monday, July 14, 2008

Putting Up My Own Cosmetics Store

I was kind of allergic to wearing cosmetics. It is because I do not want people to stereotype me as a vain person. When I had a job for myself at the age of twenty, I content myself by masking only a thin lip gloss. No matter how my mother coerce me in putting on some color in my eyes, cheeks, brows and lips, it has always been a futile effort on her end. Not until I turned 25. My former officemate started out experimenting putting make up on her face and I was always the subject of her experimentations. We love to take photos of us wearing different cosmetic brands. Now I couldn't go out of the house without putting on a little color on my brows, cheeks and lips. I always try to wear that daily office-girl look.
I realized cosmetics can either destroy or enhance a person's physical appearance. It can make you look like a monster or a stand-out beauty. Techniques is important in the proper application of certain cosmetics. You can make it simple yet elegant depending on the blending of colors. Personally, I love to importantly highlight my eyes. Eyebrows and eyeliners are important eye tools in having that eye-catching look.
But with all the crisis that we all are experiencing, it's hard to prioritize our favorite cosmetic brands because the basic essentials must be our topmost priority. Instead of buying signature ones, we tend to purchase cosmetics put on sale. Wholesale cosmetics can help us in choosing the most affordable prices for our favorite cosmetic brands. They have been contracted by big department stores in the United States to sell and dispose the overflow or excess cosmetic lines. They sell by truckloads which would mean cheaper and affordable prices. This gave me an idea to purchase by bulk and put up my own store. Hmmm, I think this will be a great idea. What do you think?

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