Saturday, July 12, 2008

Traffic Report for Our Journey to Forever (OJTF)

Alexa have recently updated traffic rankings. Since my membership to Entrecard, I have been closely monitoring the progress of this blog. The reason? Well, it's plain and simple. I want to know if Entrecard is a valid site to boost a blog's traffic because there were some who failed to gain its benefits . They say traffic from Entrecard is JUNK. In the graphical presentation above, my site is one of the many who are struggling for traffic. As you can see, in May, I have a flat ranking and then it gone up to a little over a million to less than a million. That was the time when I started dropping cards to Entrecard members. Needless to say, Entrecard is NO junk.
OJTF's progress is overwhelming. Now my Alexa rank stands at 310, 154, this is an all-time best for this blog's history. I have noticed it kept improving weekly. Though I am still a hundred thousand away from getting to the top 100K, I can say that it isn't too impossible to get there. But I know it wouldn't be served on a silver platter. We need to work hard at it. It's a great feeling to know that my effort of visiting 300 sites daily is paying off.

But there were a few thing
s that came to mind. Is it worthwhile to spend time and effort dropping 300 cards? I'm ecstatic over this traffic thing but I have never been a traffic freak. So what with high traffic? Friends were telling me that high traffic would mean lots of opportunities. As you can see, not too many oops are posted on these blog as of late. Sometimes I forget to open my account to a number of paid review sites because I am having fun encountering too many sites in a day. Some even informed me that a high Real Rank at PPP would mean whooping opportunities from them. Mine stands at 416, this is an all-time high for my blog's Real Rank.
Below is a screen shot of this blog's ranking at PPP:
Now the question of why am I blogging comes to mind as well. Am I here for traffic? Am I here for money-making opportunities? Well, I can say achieving both wouldn't be too bad. But generally, we blog because we want others to have a little idea of what is working up in our heads, depending on to what category we choose. I came up with this blog February of 2007, long before I knew paid blogging existed. I have been actively doing paid reviews since January of this year and I am pretty much happy because of monetary considerations.
Lately, while doing my daily drops, I have slightly geared my blog's goal to making blogging as a fun activity, NOT because it is required of me. Let's admit it, we sometimes have to hurdle doing interim posts and we do it because we need to, not because we love to. I think we will get to enjoy the joys of blogging more if we take everything in moderation and creating balance in whatever we do. I wouldn't want my Entrecard-dropping addiction healed. I can fore go other things but not that, hehehe! I am still very eager to learn about SEO techniques. I think this is one of the best way to improve traffic aside from Entrecard.
SEO experts, anyone?

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