Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Power of Purchasing Slots for Entrecard Ads

Uncle Che's comprehensive post on how to advertise on our hard-earned Entrecard credits is very informative and enlightening. When we purchase slots for EC ads, our ultimate goal is to have our hard-earned credits worth- and that is to get enough BLOG EXPOSURE. When I checked on my stats as to how many visits I got for each ads I purchased, I’ve concluded that there is power in purchasing ads and it certainly helps to boost the traffic of our respective blogs.

If I base it in my own experience, there are only two things I consider in purchasing slots for EC adverts. These are Drop Rank and Widget Location.


It is important to consider the DROP RANK of each slot you purchase. If one is ranked Deeply committed - Deadly serious. A drop master, Takes dropping Very Very Seriously, A dedicated dropper with a hint of addiction, Consistent, regular dropper, it only means the blogger is an active Ecard dropper. If he gets to drop 300 cards a day, that would mean he could get at least 200 visits to a minimum low, that is, if the 100 blogs won’t reciprocate his drops. If one gets that high number of visitors a day, it would mean more exposure for your blog. When you use the campaign tab for purchasing ads, you can immediately see that the blogs featured on the first part of each categories are the expensive ones which incidentally also got the high drop ranks. I deduced that advertising cost is proportional to blog popularity.


I always try to check how many times a particular blog has returned my drops. Along with it, you will be able to see how that blog is faring in the drop rankings. Just go to the blog’s EC widget, and click the big letter E beside the word DROP. The blogger’s EC profile will immediately show up.

Guess what? I’ve purchased a slot in my other blog, Lainy’s Musings and it got the second highest clicks thus far.


When I am in my notorious self dropping cards, it’s important to me that the EC widget is located at the top most part of a particular blog, no scrolling down needed. That would save me enough time and would give me more time to read and comment. There have been numerous times that I get to drop on widgets featured on certain blogs. In this case, your droppers won't have difficulty figuring out where in the world you placed your widget. When you purchase ads in a very strategic location for all the bloggers to see, you will get better chances of exposure. Thus, making your ad purchase all worthwhile.

If you have other Entrecard purchasing tips and it worked well for you, feel free to unleash them in my comment section.

Thank you!


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