Thursday, August 14, 2008

Best Buys at Ukay-Ukay

Have you ever gone to an Ukay-Ukay Store, Baratillo or whatever you may want to call it? Ukay-ukay is a store with various display of surplus items from shoes to bags to tops, bottoms, and even underwear! I was thrilled to my bones today with what I've got from the flea market we have here in the city. Five pairs of shoes amounting to only 100 pesos each! And these shoes looked so new and durable! I couldn't ever afford the amount of these pairs of shoes in the mall. I think I've got the best buy of my life! I have been looking for new pairs of shoes lately and this came rather timely.

The flea market had began showcasing various displays of items since last week. This is in line with General Santos City's 10th Tuna Festival celebration. The flea market is just a few meters away from my work place and we sneaked out for a while just to see what could possibly be up for grabs, hehe. And ohh, I've also bought a leather bag for only 50 pesos. I got truly lucky, huh?

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