Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

This post should serve as a warning to all Entrecarders.

When I signed up for Entrecard a couple of months back, the category I chose for this blog is Personal Diary. It really is a personal journal of my life's daily experiences, random rants and ramblings, etc. But as I was learning my way through EC, I tried to play around with the categories and thought of switching to the Romance category.
I got a little surprised because after a month of seriously dropping cards, I would usually come out in the Top 1 or Top 2 in that particular category.
May it be known that I didn't asked for that.
It was my addiction to dropping cards that placed me there.
Today, I got an alert from the Entrecard team telling me to move my site into a more appropriate category. Yeah, I know my posts has nothing to do with romance. This blog truly belongs to the personal diary niche and I had moved it back there. I hope I am not giving them any reason to complain again now. At the Personal Diary niche, I was relegated to No. 3 after topping in Romance category.
That's fine by me.
I am well aware that out of 52 categories, each of the more than 15, 000 Entrecarders have chosen their own respective niches. But do you believe each one of the members truly belong in their chosen categories? I have seen numerous blogs who were not. For an instance is a blog belonging in the art category but the posts have absolutely nothing to do with art and many other inconsistencies in the selection of categories.
I believe I am not alone. I wonder if they have been sent an email, too.
Anyway, I am making this post to make you aware that we should live up to our own chosen category. It's one good move for the Entrecard team to take notice. What about the rest though? hehe!

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