Friday, August 15, 2008

How Much Credits Are You Willing to Spend for Entrecard Adverts?

A couple of weeks back, I took a gamble in purchasing huge amount of credits in the name of Entrecard advertisements. I was a little optimistic that the turn out would be all worth my hard-earned EC credits. When my other blog, Lainy's Musings, got the all-time high clicks for the day, I was going bananas! Why not? 507 return drops is not a walk in the park. And just today, Lainy's Musings broke into the Top 10 Most Popular blogs and Top 2 in the Mixed Bag category. I was thrilled to my bones!
On the other hand, Our Journey to Forever is consistently getting return drops of a little over 400 daily and still is slowly inching closer to the Top 15 Most Popular blogs. Though the stats is more often erratic, you can hardly stop me from gushing over this new developments. Indeed, my decision of purchasing from the Most Popular blogs paid off. These popular blogs are worth 1, 024 and above if you want to have your own blog up and running at their respective websites.
Now, if you'll ask me if it's going to be all worth it to spend that huge for blog promotion, I am going to answer in the affirmative. Please do not get me wrong. We all want our respective blogs exposed to the world. When you advertise, of course, you long for an exposure. As I have been suggesting in my other blog's post, the Most Popular blogs at Entrecard are getting more than enough exposure that we so need. They get more than 300 visits and 300 return drops daily.
Take for instance my advertiser yesterday, Joy of In the screenshot below (not too clear though), you can see that she got 323 clicks from me. It's more than the maximum number of drops she can make with other Entrecarders! I was surprised myself that I could give that much number of clicks to my advertisers. I wasn't paying close attention in my dashboard, not until I've decided to digest what each number could mean for us Entrecarders.

If you believe that I could give you that much clicks by purchasing advert slots for both of my sites, you can buy it to the tune of 2, 048 credits for Lainy's Musings and 4, 096 here in this blog. Would you be that willing to spend that much credits?

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