Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barangay Ginebra Kings Claims 2008 PBA Fiesta Conference Championship!

Whoaaaa! How sweet it is!
My heart jumps in jubilation! My all-time favorite team crushed Air 21 Express claiming the championships for the 2008 PBA Smart Fiesta Conference. I coudn't contain my happiness! I'm hats off to all the players as well as the coaching staff for never failing the 25, 000 mamooth crowd at the Big Dome, cheering for them and egging them on.
Who would have thought the crowd darlings would make it? The Kings were obviously the underdogs, down 0-5 at the start of the conference. But they have always been champions in the hearts of their millions of followers including me, hehe. Look at my profile, right there in my side bar. That's how big a Ginebra-fanatic I am!
Going in tonight's ball game, everyone wasn't expecting too much because the team was hobbled with many injuries. The Helterbrand-less team will have to play doubly hard. Losing the league's No. 1 point guard and the Conference MVP has affected the plays of the team big time. These casualties were big as the major players like Mark Caguioa, Eric Menk, and Ronald Tubid were all playing hurt as well.
But PURE HEART and the never-say-die attitude were evident in the players right from the opening tip. They refused to lose. Big royal plays went in the Kings' favor and finally came out victorious.
My prayers were heard.

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