Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Thank God for My Prince!

I am left all alone here today at home until tomorrow because my entire family were off to Davao City for the 2nd Muzika del Sur Mindanao Music Awards. My brother's band, KUERDAS, was again nominated for the Best Ragga Artist category. They weren't hoping to get the award but the organizers gave them one important slot to showcase their brand of music.
I feel so alone without my brothers to bother me and my mother to nag at me. My Prince already knew the night before that I have no one to keep me company today and I'm bored to death without him to talk to. He sent me SMS earlier today that we shall be getting online a little early in the day.
Thank God!
He's my one true angel that constantly lifts my spirit up and he never fails to cheer me up as well! I can just imagine a future so bleak without him in my life. But he would always remind me I don't have to imagine a life without him in it because we sure will have a future together... forever!
Coming from him, I know they are not just words. Those are enough reassurance for me to go to bed tonight with dreamy, dreamy eyes and a smile in my face ;-)

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