Saturday, August 23, 2008

EntreCard Outage

When I got home from the salon today, I'd planned on dropping cards to 900 blogs (for my 3 blogs). It has been a habit that's too hard to break. Actually, that has been my normal routine since I took dropping cards religiously. When I was about to start with my dropping chores, I got too surprised when I received the following messages:

Outage: Scheduled outage for two hours from 4am Boston time (click for more timezones) to do some database optimization.We'll be back as soon as we can!

I wasn't able to receive any notification in my mailbox that they had a scheduled power outage today. Did you? The power outage here in the Philippines is scheduled at 4Pm and will resume at 6PM. Had I known it beforehand, I wouldn't have gone to the salon, hahaha!

But it's ok.

I will have to resume my dropping habits at 6PM tonight. More drops coming your way soon!

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