Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Got Myself Pampered!

At the age of 28, I have never been an outgoing person. My world has practically revolved around home, work, church, my blogs and my Prince. I do go out sometimes with friends but since they have been out of GenSan for quite sometime, I only take time to go out when my groovy mother would ask me to accompany her to watch Kuerdas perform. I am telling you, she is a great stage mother!
Well today, my routine has deviated a little from the usual weekends. Since I had my hair permed two years ago, I have always been wondering on how I could get its life back. The hair dryness is just too annoying! I don't want to be so desperate by undergoing hair rebonding. I want to give back the life of my hair, and not to take more life from it. Besides, it's too expensive I just couldn't afford, hehe!
I just realized how I have taken myself for granted for quite sometime. I have never been to a salon in ages! I'm just glad I went there today and had my nails and my hair done. I took a bolder move in choosing a much freaky color for my nails, hehe! It's bloody red!
My first time.
I would usually opt for french tip and light colors but I just don't know what got into me today, hehe! My hair underwent some treatment. Actually, they have recommended many other treatments, but I only prefer hot oil, hair wax and hair cellophane. I chose the last one.
I was satisfied with the result.

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