Thursday, August 28, 2008

MTMD Page Rank Olympics Winners Divulged!

The fierce battle on the Page Rank Olympics drew to a close and the winners were disclosed by Matt of MTMD. I joined this contest for fun in 8/8/08 just as the Beijing Olympics commenced. It's great to know that a blogger friend's blog, Blessings and Beyond made it and won $ 100 cash. Congrats, Mommy Ruby!
You can view the complete results of the contest HERE.
Surprisingly, this blog placed sixth with a beginning Page Rank of 0 and after two weeks of holding such contest, this blog still is PR-less, haha! My beginning Technorati Authority is 259 ending in 262 with a net increase of 3. Not bad, huh! At least, there was an increase, hehe!
My sincerest congratulations to all the winners who won $ 100, $50 and $ 25 for the first, second and third place respectively. And to Matt who made this contest possible, my deepest gratitude for allowing me to join. I had fun!

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