Friday, August 29, 2008

Smart Bro Sucks, When It Rains, It's Hell!

I still haven't made a single drop for this blog. I wasn't able to finish my 300 limit for Lainy's Musings either. It's because my internet connection has been acting up since 9:30 PM of last night. I can connect at Yahoo Messenger but there's no way I can do crazy drops nor post a single entry for my blogs.

Normally, at this time of the day, I'm done with the task of dropping 900 cards for my 3 blogs and is just writing some stuffs and dropping a few cards for EC 4 Religion site and a friend's blog as well.

I am a Smart Bro subscriber because I have no choice. It's the only available connection that reaches my place. There have been a lot of articles written and how bad Smart Bro service is and believe me, they are all true! I don't know if there's a thing that sucks more than this but losing connection is absolutely so disappointing! I am not getting my money's worth.
Last night, there was a heavy rain here. That could be the reason again why I've lost my connection. But I'm telling you, rain or no rain, Smart Bro totally sucks!
If you're thinking of getting a subscription from Smart Bro, think a million times over!

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