Friday, August 8, 2008

Page Rank Olympics

The Olympics is about to commence in a few minutes, at exactly 8:08 PM tonight, and so do the MTMD Page Rank Olympics. As the Olympic games begin in Beijing, China, a contest will simultaneously hit by storm over the blogosphere. I am encouraging all bloggers out there especially for PR-less blogs like mine to participate in this cool and exciting contest. Yes! You've heard me right! This is a contest wherein the prizes at stake are as follows:
Gold Medal: If your blog increases the most in both Google Page Rank and Technorati Authority, you shall win a $100 Grand Prize.
Silver Medal: If your blog has the highest increase in Technorati Authority, you will win $50.
Bronze Medal: If your blog got the 2nd highest increase in Technorati Authority, you will win $25.
Isn't it exciting? This is clearly no sweat. Have fun and get a chance to win the exciting prizes mentioned above. Come play along with me now and the rest of the other bloggers!

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