Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Own Checking Account

I had a chance to get my own checking account when I filed a personal loan in a local bank here in our city sometime in 2005. They were very strict because the amount involved is a little huge. One of the requirements is for the loan applicant to open a checking account. I complied and issued my payments for twenty-four months by issuing the checks with their corresponding amounts written. The advantage with having your own account is that even when you have no cash available for the time being, you can still do the payments by merely issuing your own check.
My mother asked me a favor if she could just share with the account I had because she decided to close her checking account in the other bank. When I completed my payment for the loan, and that particular bank we were having our transactions with had a merger with another bank, our Checking Accounts were transferred. But my mother forgot that it was originally mine. Now I do not have my own and is freed from the fear of estafa charges for bouncing checks, wink!

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