Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Back With a Vengeance!

Finally, the four days get-away is over! It seems to me it's four years, hahaha! It was the first time since I got hooked to blogging that I wasn't able to get online. We did brought a laptop with us hoping I could still check even just my mailbox but unfortunately, internet accessibility is just too impossible! I was getting itchy in getting close to a computer once more.
We arrived last night at around 7PM. I felt like the three-hour trip for home took forever. I was keeping an eye on my watch because my Prince was expecting me to be home at 5PM (I was late by 2 hours, hehe!). He still waited for me though and stayed up until midnight. That's very unusual for him to stay wide awake that late. He is normally offline by 9PM Sydney, Australia time. He wanted me to send all the photos and videos right then and there, haha! There were just too many that he gave up and said we will continue today, hehe!
There was no chance of extending the vacation because:
  1. Kuerdas have a regular show every Fridays; and
  2. I have a church meeting to attend early morning of Saturday.

My mother wasn't able to come along with us because she couldn't leave work. I had mixed emotions when my brothers and I along with my cousin, Allena, who is on a month-long vacation, took a break and leaving my mother behind. She was in her lonesome at home. I felt ecstatic for the planned get-away and at the same time guilt feelings engulfed me. I should have stayed with her. The guilt feelings intensified even more when my mother sent me and my brothers SMS telling us that she was crying. Good thing our "askal" puppy was there to keep her company. She treats our doggie like the family's baby and you will always see her chatting with him, hehe!

There's so many things I would like to share with you all. I think I will be doing it in parts. Now that I am back, I have a lot of catching up to do. I was a little surprised to see there were 17 assignments lined up for me to accomplish at Payu2blog and one from Sponsored Reviews. I did one from Social Spark last night before I went to bed. Good thing it's the weekend again and I can blog till I drop!

Before ending this post, I just would like to give special thanks to my friend Uncle Che of AZ Blogging for keeping my blogs breathing. I wasn't expecting him to do the dropping chores in my behalf given his tight schedules but he was able to do so. I would also like to thank Jennie for that very sweet text message. I know the blogging world will remain the same even without me but you thinking it has somehow changed with my absence is something. I'm so touched, Sis! To ALL EntreCarders who never failed to drop their cards in my absence, I am very much grateful!

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