Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Island Get-Away (Part 1)

1st DAY

We originally planned of going to the Island Garden of Samal for 2 days. But this changed when we arrived at Davao City late afternoon of September 23 (Tuesday). Everything didn’t go as planned.

We were a bit tired from the 3 hour-trip. During the trip, my cousin Allena got nervous because I was feeling nauseated and a bit dizzy. I thought I was having some symptoms of food poisoning. Good thing I was wrong. It could have utterly ruined our trip! The first day was spent for travel and watching the 2nd Roots Art Reggae Fest 2008.

A family friend of ours fetched us at SM Davao upon our arrival and we proceeded to the place we call our “home” for the duration of our stay.
Before proceeding to watch Kuerdas perform at the Festival, we got our stomachs full for dinner. It was drizzling when we arrived at the Matina Town Square, the Festival’s venue. We had fun! It was a long day for us! But it’s all worth it! We finally found refuge at home at past 3AM.
2nd DAY
We intended to leave for the island early morning of the second day (Wednesday). But since we came home early dawn, we woke up so late. We got ourselves ready for the island at about 2PM. We do not exactly know as to which beach resort we were heading to. All of my companions (my 2 younger brothers, Allena and a family friend) have all gone to Paradise Island and so someone suggested to try Kaputian. We exactly have no idea how to get there.
We took the barge going to Samal Island at about 3PM after doing some marketing. We arrived in the Island in less than an hour. When the barge took a stop, we still haven’t decided as to what beach we really are heading for, haha! Everyone we were able to speak inside the barge was giving different answers. What especially struck us the most was when they told us we took the wrong route. If we want to reach Kaputian, the only means we could get there now is by riding a “haba-habal”, a single motorcycle that could transport us and our things to our destination of choice. I wish we've brought our ball lock pins with us because it could help get our things altogether while we ride the habal-habal. The habal-habal drivers warned us though that the road going there is rough and it would take us another hour before we could reach the place.
Everyone was up for the challenge.
So Kaputian it will be.

Trying my bargaining skills with the market vendor, hehehe!

Getting some poses inside the barge...

Our destination...


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