Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Still Awake At Midnight

I am still having a slight fever but no asthma attacks since Wednesday, thank heavens! Now you might be wondering what am I still doing here at this hour, 12MN here in the Philippines? Well, I feel a little sleepy. I always want to go to bed when the clock hits 9PM but tonight I just can't go to sleep until I receive SMS from my Prince that he's home safe and sound. He attended a friend's birthday party at 7PM and he promised to keep in touch. He called me up about 10 minutes ago informing me that he's still at the party and teasing me he has lots of photos to show me tomorrow. Good boy, hehe! He will be home in an hour and will let me know when he has arrived home. He wants me to go to bed but I insist to wait for him until he gets home.
I always worry. I always do, just like the way he gets worried for me. I will be going to bed with a smile once I know he's home safe and sound ;-)

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