Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nuffnang Philippine Invasion!

I first encountered Nuffnang while browsing over Bariles Republic's blog: An Idiot's Guide to General Santos City. Nuffnang banner was waving right at the header and when I'm doing crazy drops day in and day out, I could always encounter some Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers posting some write- ups about it. I have always been curious what it's all about.
Now that Nuffnang is here in the Philippines, of course I can't help but register myself up to know what this hullaballo is all about. Upon registration, one becomes a Nuffanger and immediately joins an exclusive community, and not just an ordinary advertising platform. I have learned that Nuffnang is Asia's first blog advertising community. This shall become a niche of Bloggers and Bloggers, Bloggers and Nuffnang and Bloggers and Advertisers. Some of the famous advertisers are Nike, Citibank, Nokia, F&N, Walls, AirAsia, Honda, and many more.
If you want to be a Nuffnanger like me, sign up HERE.

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