Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lainy a.k.a. Scotty's Princess is Sick

I had my worst asthma attack last night. I have a bad cough and it gave me hell. I was struggling for breath I thought it was my last. I haven't got enough sleep. My Prince never really knew what blogging is because he wanted me to take off work today and said I need to be a submissive Princess to her Prince, haha! He even said I need to stay home and do some blogging. He wasn't aware that blogging is one of the reasons why my resistance is at it's low. Unknown to him, blogging isn't only posting and hitting the publish button. I've told him, "No, I will have to cut back my computer usage and live a "normal" life". I need to take things in moderation and create balance in everything I do.".

As what my friend Uncle Che have said and I quote:

"Blogging is an addiction, so much that there are many great and important things you will give up just to make time for it. If you sit down to analyze such things, you will finally conclude that blogging is very expensive".

True enough, I am paying a high prize for it all at the expense of my own health. I have realized stress has been eating me up and my body clock hasn't been responding normally. My brain was dictating me to do so much but my physical body has been refusing to do more yet I pushed it further beyond its limit.
Now I owe it to myself to take a little break and relax a bit. I won't be infront of my computer after this post but you shall see me still in your Entrecard Inbox. I will have to ask someone to do the dropping chores in my behalf ;-).
That being said, I shall be missing reading interesting posts and interacting with friends by commenting. I promise to be back in no time. But not until I get my normal health back.
Till then!

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