Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Top 10 EntreCard Advertising Sites for the Month of August

I highly recommend the purchase of slots for advertisement on the sites I will be naming below. They gave me huge hits without a single drop of sweat for the month of August and I can't thank them enough for allowing my widget to be shown in their respective blogs.

Putting adverts on these blogs is all worth your hard-earned credits. I would like to especially mention Matt of MTMD gave me 175 clicks and My Life at Ninety: Looking Back and Moving On is not too far behind with 172 clicks.
Here are my Top 10 Advertising Sites:

The Link of Love:

  1. Meltwater, Torrents, Meanderings, Delta
  2. My Life at Ninety: Looking Back and Moving On
  3. Margie and Edna's Basement
  4. Lainy's Musings
  5. The Spirit of Blogging
  7. The Ups, Downs, and Sometimes Insane World of Freelance Writing
  8. Juliana's World
  9. Beaker's 3 Dimensions
  10. Photography by KML

Acknowledgment also goes to ALL EntreCarders who may not have made it in my Top 10, but have accepted my purchase of ads in their respective blogs, I owe you one!


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