Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

I am slowly getting my normal health back. I can't wait to get back in full blogging form. I am still taking everything at a very slow pace.
I reported for work today after 2 days of absence. I lost my balance twice at work. My legs were feeling like jelly that I just immediately fell down to my knees. But I got up right then and there as if no one saw me and as if nothing happened, hahaha! I was telling my Prince I wish I caught myself on video while I was on that very embarassing situation ;-)
I can't wait to hit the publish button for this post.
I would like to especially thank my friends who wished me well while I was very sick. The comments you left for the posts Lainy a.k.a. Scotty's Princess is Sick and Too Many Things To Do, But Too Little Time made me want to get my strength back sooner. I haven't even thought that I had the worst asthma attack in years!
Thanks for praying for my speedy recovery.
  1. Polly- Thanks for the wonderful tips. Unfortunately, I can't swim, hehe! I almost died in 1995 for near-drowning! But I've heard a lot of my friends who have asthma were cured because they took swimming seriously.
  2. Bonoriau- Thanks for taking time out in posting your comment and wishing for my recovery. God bless you too, Bono!
  3. Twerlyn- Thanks for the prayers, Lermz!
  4. Elaine- Tukayo, get well soon, too! I hope you are feeling a lot better now.
  5. MJ Sterling, Honey, JoyOz & Twinks- Thank you beautiful ladies for your encouraging words.
  6. Wendy- Yes sis, I've had actually the worst asthma attack of my life! I'm sure you know how it feels when I say it's the worst. Thanks and God bless you too and the little angel in your tummy ;-)
  7. Euphoricgirl- Indeed! Blogging can wait and there's certainly a life outside blogging ;-)
  8. Rosemarie- Thanks for wishing me well, Sis! We have something in common pala, hehe!
  9. Babette- It's a great feeling to be away from my PC even just for two days, though not really totally, coz I have been reading your comments, hehe!
  10. Mommy Ruby- I haven't been relaxed for quite some time and it's a great feeling to have one.

To all those who placed their comments on my post Too Many Things To Do, But Too Little Time, big Thank you as well.

They are as follows:

Beth, Paula, Natural, BK, Wendy, Rambler, JoyOz, Honey, Neferiti, Jessie, AZ Blogging, Michelle, Pauline, Twinks, Jemi, Shawie, and Foongpc.

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