Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Graphical Presentation of My EntreCard Dropping Habits

For the month of September, I wasn't able to complete the 900 cards dropped on 900 blogs (for my 3 blogs) as I have been claiming in my previous posts. This graphical presentation alone is enough proof for that.
But let me just emphasize here, that on September 20, wherein I was able to drop only 178 cards for this blog, that was the time I was really sick. On September 23-25, wherein no dropping of cards was ever made, I was out of town. The rest of the days of September, I was able to complete the maximum limit for the day, which is 300. This just goes to show that I am taking the dropping of cards very, very seriously.
If this is the first time you have ever come across this blog, never think twice in dropping your cards or making your presence felt because it will never be a wasted effort.

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