Friday, October 3, 2008

The Princess Is No Good at Doing Household Chores

I am not too good at doing household chores. I can not stand cleaning the house without having to protect myself from inhaling the accumulated dust. I can not do the laundry all by myself either. I will get an asthma attack if I tire myself that much. My Prince would often tell me he will do the laundry for us when we are married, haha! Poor Mahal!
The only thing I can boast that I am very good at is washing the dishes and kitchen sinks , hehehe! Now, that makes me a proud lady, hahaha! But don't mistake me. I have been trying to improve my culinary skills, as if I have one, huh!
I really wanted to try out different recipes of my own and prepare a perfect one for everyone. My mother keeps telling me that since my birthday is fast approaching, she wants me to prepare some special menus. But I said, "No way!" I love to prepare for other people and not for myself, wink!

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