Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Island Get-Away (Part 3)

It took me a helluva lot of time in writing the last part of our escapade on September 23-26. The barge is set to leave the island at 4PM. After the exhausting photoshoot, hehe, we fell asleep while waiting to depart the island.
With my brother
Please do not disturb, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Just woke up here and reading my Mahal's SMS

While we were in the barge heading back to the city, we contented ourselves seating near the captain's area where the baggages were placed. We took videos and photos of the breathtaking island before sunset.

With my cousin, Allena...

Upon arriving at the city, we immediately took early dinner. We then prepared ourselves for church. After church, we planned of getting a good massage. We've found a Thai Massage Salon wherein we got the chance to relax our very exhausted bodies. It was my first time to have experienced such very relaxing massage. For 30 minutes, we all are on our backs and the girls were pretty good in doing the soothing massage cycle. The Thai massage offered us many of the same benefits as yoga. It's amazing how much more we are able to move when another person is providing assistance and encouraging us to relax more effectively.
Getting ready for the Thai Massage
After the soothing Thai massage...

After the soothing and relaxing massage, we headed for home and slept. We woke up very late. It's our last day and very early in the morning, my Prince sent me SMS telling me he will be waiting for me online. I felt the excitement in finally going home. We arrived home at 7PM. I was late. My Prince was already waiting for 2 long hours. I wasn't expecting we can still talk for much longer but guess what? He stayed up until 12 midnight and asked me to send all the photos and videos during our trip. When the clock hit 12MN and there's still more photos to send, he gave up, hahaha!

That's all there is in our trip and I am looking forward for another great adventure in the near future.


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